Proof of Funds

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Why confirm the source of funds?

  • In accordance with KYC and AML standards, as well as in accordance with the requirements of financial regulators and payment providers, in some cases the user may be required to confirm the source of funds for transactions. This measure is an additional measure of control over the turnover of funds and guarantees financial security for all participants of these transactions.
  • In order to prove the origin of your funds, you will need to provide a package of documents showing the origin of the financial resources (fiat or crypto-assets) that you will use as part of your exchange requests with Geekchange.

What documents should I provide to prove origin of funds?

In case of a request for the source of funds, the service wants to receive and verify from you that the funds on your cryptocurrencies and/or fiat assets were obtained legally, do not violate the laws of the countries in which they are held and accepted. You need to provide data depending on your source of funds:

1. Fiat Documentations

  • Salary
    • Salary or wage statements. IBAN(s), company names and your name must be clearly visible on all the provided documents. We also need at least one bank statement as example of the payments being received;
    • The most recent tax return (as well as the previous one if necessary);
  • Savings
    • Detailed bank statements showing deposits, gifted funds for the last 3 months;
  • Investments
    • Proof of income from investments (e.g. art), such as contracts and payment receipts which contain information on both the buyer and the seller.
  • Loan
    • Loan contracts followed with bank statements showing the income;
  • Sale of real estate/property/others
    • Proof of the sale of real estate/property/others ( notarized contracts and bank statements with the income amount clearly visible as well as the names and the date of the transfer - provide all pages of the agreement including the signature and date );
  • Legal entities
    • For Legal entities, the latest certified financial report. Smaller companies (e.g. for limited liability companies), can submit these without certification;
  • Notarial proof
    • Notarial proof, verified by a notary, of an inheritance or gift;
  • Company profits
    • bank statement;
    • or a copy of the most recent full reports;
  • Crypto actives
    • Transaction history statement of the purchase;
    • or a bank statement reflecting the purchase;
    • or a contract in case it is received as payment;
    • or trade reports;
    • or a video of the wallet transactions;
    • or proof of mining;

2. Crypto Documentations

  • Buying
    • Screenshots of purchase and withdrawal confirmations displaying your account ID and all transaction details;
    • Confirmation emails/receipts which provide proof of purchases or withdrawals;
    • Screenshot of the exchange account details (your name and/or email address, as well as the name of the platform);
    • Transactions history;
  • Income from services (e.g. affiliate incomes or other services)
    • Detailed description of the service (contract in case one is signed);
    • Receipts for services displaying names, crypto addresses or transaction ID (hash), contact details and information about the entities/persons involved and amounts in question;
    • A screenshot of your account displaying that you are an affiliate;
    • Screenshots of your wallets, which show their current income;
    • Screenshots of your transactions history;
  • Mining
    • Receipts for the purchase of mining hardware with the name of the buyer and seller displayed;
    • Photos of mining hardware and screenshots of the platforms and programs used;
    • Operating cost statements (e.g. electricity bills) also issued in the name that you have registered on Geekchange;
    • Screenshots of mining revenues and rewards as well as the transactions history from and to wallets;
    • If coins from mining activities have also been traded, screenshots displaying the transactions history are needed, which clearly display receipt on the respective exchange and the name of the account holder;
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and token sales
    • A copy of the contract (Token Purchase Agreement - TPA) displaying the name of the ICO, your name and the exact amount invested in the cryptocurrency and the equivalent value in fiat;
    • Transaction ID (hash) related to the purchase of the token (wallet address where you received your tokens);
    • Bank statement, if a fiat currency was used for investing;

Important Notes

Ideally and when possible, please provide us your documents in English or Russian.
File types accepted: JPG/JPEG, PNG, PDF, DOC/DOCX, PAGES, TXT