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We have launched a regular drawing, with an automatic growth of the fund every hour! Are you ready!? Join contest now!
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How to join?

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  • What needs to be done?
    1. Make any exchange on Geekchange
    2. Write review about your exchange on BestChange or ExchangeSumo
    3. Subscribe to our Telegram channel
    4. Fill out the participation form so that the system can identify your actions and add you to the list of participants in the current draw.
  • Fair contest
    • The user who wrote 1 review for 1 completed exchange within 48 hours becomes a participant
    • You can enter the lottery an unlimited number of times and catch your luck every week!

FAQ Contest

How is the bank formed in the weekly drawing?

The bank is formed based on our profits and activity on the reviews left. The calculation takes place from Monday to the current day.

How much can I win in the weekly contest?

You will win the maximum accumulated amount for the week. With each hour the amount is calculated based on our profit and the number of reviews left.

Where can I find the link to my BestChange review?

Because BestChange doesn't give out individual references to the review, you can specify: Our operators will check your review, full name and contacts with the ones mentioned in the form and approve your participation in the draw.

All of conditions in the weekly contest passed, but didn't show up on the list

Have you sent the application to participate? If not, you need to send it in. If so, you will appear on the list of participants shortly. The list is usually updated within one hour.

I left a review and subscribe to Geekchange. That's it, I'm in the weekly contest?

There's not much left to do. Fill out the participation form with your contact information and a link to your testimonial. This is so that the system can identify the authenticity of your review and protect you from spammers.

How long is the weekly drawing?

The draw lasts 7 days and restarts repeatedly. This is a fully automated, regular process. It starts every Monday (00:00 MSK) and lasts one week (until the next Monday). After one week, the system determines the winner, assigns the winnings as an accumulated amount, resets the bank and restarts the draw.

Why do I need to include my name and contacts?

Your name must be entered in order to be displayed in the list of participants. And contacts, so that if you win, our managers will contact you and give you the prize. Contact information will not be published on the site.

How do I know if I won the weekly drawing?

Every Monday (every 7 days), around 00:00-01:00 MSK, the system selects a winner. If you appear in the "Winners" list, you've won! You're not there? Don't worry. You can enter the drawing every week by repeating the conditions.

I won the weekly drawing, where's my prize?

Usually, after the draw, within 24 hours our operators will contact us on the specified contacts and deliver the winnings. If this does not happen, please write to us in Jivo-chat or create ticket.
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